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Magical Disney Vacations


Located in Anaheim, CA, the original Disney theme park is the place where dreams come true. Disneyland is famous for its timeless attractions, Disney-themed lands, and its character meet and greets. It is the most magical place on earth and is the perfect vacation for all ages. The founder of Adventure With ME, Marie, can plan the most magical vacation for you and your loved ones to experience.

Disney World

As the second Disney theme park, Disney World is the ultimate playground. With five parks that feature some of Disney’s most fabulous cinematic creations as the backdrop, there is something for everyone! Experience the ultimate vacation by park hopping, enjoying world-renowned food, and staying in a Disney- themed resort. Adventure With ME can customize your stay to fit all your needs and give you the perfect vacation to remember for years!

Adventures by Disney

Explore the world over Disney style! With many different types of adventures to choose from, Lane Adventures, Expedition Cruise, River Cruise, Adult Exclusive, and National Park Vacations, there is something for everyone! No need to travel to a Disney theme park with Adventures by Disney; you can experience the wonder and magic of Disney on any of their offered exploration destinations!

Adventure Destinations

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Africa & Asia Pacific
  • Central & South America

Disney Cruise Lines

Set sail with some of your favorite Disney characters in the adventure of a lifetime! Board a ship filled with magic and wonder fit for all ages. Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Disney with character meet and greets, Broadway-worthy live entertainment, and accommodations reasonable for royalty. The options are endless on a Disney Cruise for both adults and children alike!

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