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Don’t Just Go on A Trip…Go on An
Adventure With ME!

Don’t Just Go on A Trip…Go on An
Adventure With ME!

Premiere Concierge Travel Planner

Tired of staying home? Have you been dreaming of a vacation? Let the founder of Adventure With ME, Marie, plan, book, and price your magical vacation. Whether you wish to travel abroad or stay closer to home, Adventure With ME specializes in customized vacations that fit all your wants and needs. Don’t just take a trip;

go on an Adventure With ME!

How the Adventures Began

In 2018, Adventure With ME was founded by Marie Macias to provide customized dream vacations no matter the budget. Marie is a premier concierge travel agent with certifications in ADA travel guidelines, cruise lines knowledge, and a certified Accessible Travel Advocate. Her joy is found in providing her clients with their ultimate dream vacation. Marie will work with you to plan, customize, and price your getaway down to the tiniest detail so you can sit back and relax. With nearly a decade of experience, Marie is an expert travel agent that offers first-class services!

Marie is currently certified in:

  • IBCCES Certified with CATP
  • Certified Accessible Travel Advocate Adventure With ME will work with you to meet all your needs, including medical, physical, and other accommodations needed for you to travel!
  • Certified with the Special Needs Group: Special Needs at Sea. Travel with peace of mind with the help of Marie. Her certifications and knowledge give her the tools to book the ultimate vacation for you and your loved ones.


Marie works with Nexion Travel Group to bring all of her clients the best adventures possible!


Adventure With ME Travel Agency specializes in Disney vacations, cruise vacations, and ADA accommodation vacations.

Cruise Vacations

Sail away to the most glorious locations! With knowledge and access to most cruise lines, Adventure With ME will book your dream getaway to any destination! Don’t forget to ask about excursions and how to include them in your package!

Concierge Specialties

Travel to the most magical places on earth with ease! Adventure With ME can custom tailor your Disney trip to fit all your hopes and dreams. Marie is always up to date on all the Disney news and features, so you never miss out!

ADA Vacations

Traveling can seem impossible when you are disabled. Marie has dedicated her career as a travel agent to help every client go on their dream adventure.